Best Space Movies For Kids

Fly Me To The Moon

The attraction of worlds beyond the stars is what attracts youngsters as well as grownups alike to room flicks. Area has several secrets locked away and also makes earth Earth appear like a blue dot from deep space’s eye. Science fiction and also room films increase youngsters’s excitement in the direction of space science and also the planetary system. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best kids’s space movies. Here is a list of the best space movies for kids to watch.

Best Space Movies For Kids

Fly Me To The Moon

best space movies for kids: Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me to the Moon is a CGI-animated comedy film that tells the tale of 3 adventurous houseflies, who stowaway aboard Apollo 11 as well as travel to the Moon, thus creating background. The story informs exactly how the houseflies use their small dimension to their advantage and aid repair an electrical trouble in the spacecraft. At some point, the flies familiarize of a strategy to undermine the space mission. The trio set out to conserve the goal, the astronauts, as well as themselves.

Children will take pleasure in the adorably animated flies as well as their different antics. The tale also highlights the achievements of the first human touchdown on the Moon in a interesting and also instructional method.

The IMAX Space Collection

Outer space has actually never been so close. In this collection of IMAX room docudramas, dazzling photography, and also video from our galaxy incorporate with vibrant narration to introduce the whole household to the enigmas humanity has actually opened about the universe.

Featuring “Hail Columbia,” “The Dream is Alive,” “Destiny precede,” “Mission to MIR” and also “Blue Planet,” this collection’ style might not hold the focus of more youthful audiences, yet adults and youngsters alike will certainly delight in seeing some of one of the most dazzling photos recognized to man. These docudramas contain great videos of room and also a wide range of info concerning space stations, planets, the room program and also a lot, a lot more!

Flight Of The Navigator

best space movies for kids: Flight Of The Navigator

In this 1980s motion picture, a 12-year-old, David Freeman is abducted by a spacecraf as well as returns after 8 years, without any adjustments in him also as his parents grow old as well as his younger bro is now 16 years of ages. When Dr. Louis Faraday from NASA tries to vigorously maintain David with him as his brain is a powerhouse of room details, David privately boards a spacecraf as well as becomes its navigator.

This is one of the best space movies for kids to watch to get more useful knowledge.

Space Chimps

Room Chimps is the tale of Ham’s grandson and 2 other chimps that travel to celestial spaces to save a planet from turmoil. In case you really did not recognize, Ham was the first primate to visit outer space, and also this is a top-tier kids’ room film that pays tribute to him.

If you are searching for enjoyable, amusing, and animated children’ films regarding room, this movie will strike that spot. There are numerous thrilling adventures throughout the movie, and also what’s not to love regarding chimpanzees in space?

Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms

Freely based upon the photo book by Berkeley Breathed, “Mars Needs Moms” informs the tale of Milo, a child who leaps aboard a Martian spacecraf to conserve his kidnapped mommy. On Mars, Milo locates a buddy in Gribble, a human whose mother was taken when he was a kid. Both interact to try as well as cost-free Milo’s mama before it’s far too late.

” Mars Needs Moms” is computer animated making use of performance capture, and the Blu-ray includes some fascinating behind the curtain attributes. A caution: as a result of the story factor of the mom getting kidnapped, this might not be great for kids under 7. Some kids who are more youthful might not be bothered by this, yet to a great deal of them, the possibility of mama getting abducted and also perhaps evaporated is not a satisfied thought!


Wall-E is a stunning CGI feature film for kids that really immerses you into the world of space exploration. It has devices falling in love with each other as well as heading out on celestial spaces experiences to save humanity.

Because it is one of Pixar’s best computer animated films on space, it’s excellent. It’s one of the very best instructional area films with lots of thought-provoking moments present throughout.


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